Startup Entrepreneur Association Sarawak (SEAS) was founded in May 2020, with the purpose to discover, connect Sarawak start-ups and gives the Sarawak startup ecosystem a collective voice in society, business and politics.

Startups face very different challenges than established company do. The SEAS is committed to create the business events and opportunities for the development of both entrepreneurs and startups as we believe it benefits our entire society.

The SEAS sees itself as an umbrella organization representing various startups across numerous industries, regions and organizations. Our goal is not only to make Sarawak the most innovative and founder-friendly place in Malaysia.

Our Mission
We create opportunities to people that want to entrepreneurship as a tool to have an impact on the society. We link all stakeholders to our startup network and building a collaborative Sarawak Startup Ecosystem.

Our Value
Startup Entrepreneur Association Sarawak is a growing community devoted to explore innovative approaches to entrepreneurship as a way of life.

Connect, Hustle, Thrive as Entrepreneur is the value of The SEAS. Every member of the association brings value to it, and we want all members to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Our Goal
Our goal is to create a Sarawak startup network regardless race, size, and industries. We achieve our goal by organize various type of business events eg. competition, exhibitions, conference and etc.

Our Partners
Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation Berhad (SDEC)

We work closely with SDEC which one of their main objectives is to look after all business incubators in Sarawak. As implementing agent of Sarawak Multimedia Authority, SDEC’s primary objective is to spearhead, oversea and facilitate the development and implementation of the communication, multimedia and the state’s digital economy initiatives.

PLUX Incubation Hub

PLUX Incubation Hub is the first business incubation hub which initially funded by Sarawak Government in central region, Sarawak and is one of the member of Sarawak Digital Village.PLUX Incubation Hub actively organising different type of business eventswhich had successfully make some impact and attract eyeballs of local startupsat central region of Sarawak.

Startup Entrepreneur Association Sarawak will focus on conduct events that will benefits Sarawak Startups and SMEs, like business competitions, exhibitions, business courses, conferences and etc.

Sarawak Startup Entrepreneur Competition 2020 Sarawak

Startup Entrepreneur Competition was joint organised by Startup Entrepreneur Association Sarawak, Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation Berhad (SDEC), and PLUX Incubation Hub. This is the first online Startup Competition in Mandarin conducted in Malaysia. The objective of 2020 Sarawak Startup Entrepreneur Competition is to discover and gather Startups in whole Sarawak. The Competition will provide basic know how skills to the Startups and more importantly to nurture them in the future. 2020 Sarawak Startup Entrepreneur Competition had successfully conducted. The event also supported by different parties, namely:

  • Ministry of International Trade & Industry, Industrial Terminal and Entrepreneur Development
  • YB Dato Sri Professor Dr. Sim Kui Hian, Minister of Local Government and Housing
  • YB Datuk Lee Kim Shin, Minister of Transport
  • YB Dato Sebastian Ting Chiew Yew, Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture
  • KTS Group
  • Young Entrepreneur Committee Sibu Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • TenX Quintillion Sdn Bhd
  • LOCUS-T Sdn Bhd
The Competition participated by 56 teams successfully registered with 68 people including their team members to join.

2021 Sarawak Influencer Competition

2021 Sarawak Influencer Competition is joint organised by Startup Entrepreneur Association Sarawak and PLUX Incubation Hub. The objective of the Competition is to discover and gather young Sarawak talents who are interested to become influencers, creators or wish to venture in the relevant field. Influencer marketing takes the idea of celebrity endorsement and places it into a modern-day content-driven marketing campaign. It is a strong marketing strategy that social media marketing experts are mastering in recent years.

This event aimed to cooperate with the influencers to promote Sarawak products and culture to the world.

Our Committee
As most of our committee are startup entrepreneur, we know what a startup needs and facing every day. The committee come from different industries, possess different skillset and knowledge.

With all of our committee are volunteered, open minded, amazing and supportive human beings, we believe Startup Entrepreneur Association Sarawak will brings benefits to our entire society.

Advisor : Dr Hii Sui Cheng
    IC No. 470703-13-526
    Phone: 012 888 1626
Advisor : Dr Renco Yong King Hwa
    IC No. 771112-13-6005
    Phone: 019 889 8630
Chairman : Sean Hii Ru Hiik
    IC No.780223-13-5165
    Phone 012 883 2345
VIce Chairman : Adeline Teng Ming Leh
    IC No. 771220-13-5886
    Phone 016 882 7618
Secretary : Dr. (Prof) Ashley Tong Hui Hui
    IC No. 900429-13-7004
    Phone 016 870 1715
Treasurer : Kevin Mok Hua Ping
    IC No. 900827-13-6779
    Phone 012 884 8699
Committee : Cr. Ling Hua Wee
    IC No.780223-13-5165
    Phone 012 883 2345
    Choi Man Siaw
    IC No. 800209-13-5607
    Phone 016 886 0729
    Wong Sing Han
    IC No. 920623-13-5887
    Phone 019 809 9669
    Simon Tiong Yong Yee
    IC No. 871228-13-6363
    Phone 016 855 6652