An introduction to SME Association of Sarawak (SME Sarawak)

The objectives of SME Sarawak:

SME Association of Sarawak was established on 29th April 2019 with the objectives of promoting, providing supports, services and solutions towards the best interest of small and medium industries enterprises and businesses in Sarawak. Since the inception, the Association has been actively recruiting new members to its team and bringing realization of its existence and objectives to the sector.

SME Sarawak is working closely with the SME Association of Malaysia in tapping the experiences and resources. SME Sarawak will launch numerous seminars to promote Industry Revolution 4.0, Platinum Business Award and other strategies to stimulate the growth of small and medium enterprises and businesses in Sarawak.

The association will also actively engage in dialogs with the various ministries of Malaysia government to reflect and provide feedback on the needs and improvement required for a stronger and more professional SMEs in Sarawak.

The role of SME Sarawak is extremely important in establishing a platform to bridge local enterprises to relevant government departments and eventually to the international platform by providing sufficient information, resources and training to the local entrepreneurs.

The 6 main Purposes of SME Sarawak:

  1. To foster and transform the establishment SMEs into one of the main engines of the economy.
  2. To disseminate information to SMEs in respect of various financial and technical assistance offered by the Government and Financial institutions.
  3. Act as medium to facilitate interaction between SMEs and the Government, large corporations in the country as well as internationally.
  4. To assist SMEs in enhancing operational efficiency and fostering professionalism at national and international levels including creation of new markets.
  5. To strengthen economic ties between SMEs as well as providing opportunities for growth in the SME sector.
  6. Provide consultation service to entrepreneurs in matters relating to investment, financing, technology and training provided by the Government and private sector.


To transform small and medium enterprises, industries and businesses into the economic powerhouse of the country coincide with Sarawak’s aspiration to become a developed and excellent state by 2030


To inculcate the concept of empowering SMEs with latest info and resources from the government, trainings, awards and certifications to prepare local entrepreneurs to compete in national and international arena.