Sarawak Digital Media E-Platform Association is an organization to gather the business together move towards digital, media and E-platform development.

The goals of Sarawak Digital Media E-Platform Association are:

  • Through Digitalisation, Media and E-platforms bringing businesses worldwide helps in the transformation of businesses, start-up businesses and create new job opportunities.
  • By providing accurate information and seminars to educate the public on digital media knowledge and e-platforms to enhance the competitiveness of local businesses with overseas.
  • Provides online and offline digital, media, e-platform to connect local businesses with overseas businesses and organize various types of exhibitions at Sarawak.
  • Acting as a database hub for Sarawak and helping members to run analytics data to help business owners expand more accurately.
  • To link with relevant sectors and governmental members to understand the latest regulations on digital transformation and how to provide them with the government in implementing relevant regulations.