Media statement by SBF and SCCI

  Date Posted: 24 Aug 2017, Thursday
The Sarawak Business Federation (SBF) and the Sarawak Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) are disappointed that the Ministry of Human Resources did not reappoint a nominee representing the employers of Sarawak to the Board of Perkeso (SOCSO) as was the practice for more than 25 years by all former ministers holding responsibility over SOCSO. 

Sarawak employers, who are represented in the Council of the SBF, collectively contribute more than RM200m a year to SOCSO. As an important stakeholder, they have a direct interest to be involved in the management of SOCSO. During the past two decades or so, the Ministry of Human Resources have always consulted the Malaysian Employers’ Federation (MEF), who in turn consulted the SCCI whose nominees were all appointed. Without any prior consultation, this practice was not followed during the recent appointments to SOCSO Board. 

Sarawak employers recognize the importance of their interests being represented and their collective voice, heard. However MEF’s sole Sarawak nominee was rejected. We register our objection and displeasure at this turn of event as well as the lack of consultation by the minister with the Sarawak business community. 

We therefore respectfully request the Sarawak State Government to assist us in rectifying this situation. We shall be submitting another nominee from SBF to the State for onward transmission to the Minister of Human Resources for consideration.