Invitation to participate in Chief Minister's Industry Excellence Awards (CMIEA) 2021

  Date: 30th August 2021 - 15th September 2021
  Location: Kuching

The Sarawak Chief Minister Industry's Excellence Awards (CMIEA) is the highest state award adopted from the Anugerah Kecemerlangan Industri (AKI) or the national - level Industry Excellence Award. AKI was introduced by MITI in 1991 to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in value creation. Since then, AKI is repurted to be the nation's premier corporate recognition award.

CMIEA uses the internationally - recognised Business Excellence Framework (BEF) as the benmark critetia in the evaluation process, in search for world class business excellence.

It also encourages businesses to pursue continuous improvement in order to sustain long-term competiveness.


The CMIEA 2021 is now open for nominations

To watch replay of the launching ceremony and briefing session: