Chief Minister's Industrial Excellence Award (CMIEA) 2017

  Date: 9th September 2017
  Location: Kuching


The Sarawak Chief Minister’s Industry Excellence Awards (CMIEA) is the highest state award adopted from the Anugerah Kecemerlangan Industri (AKI) or the national-level Industry Excellence Award. AKI was introduced by Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) in 1991 to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in value creation. Since then, AKI is reputed to be the nation’s premier corporate recognition award.


CMIEA uses the internationally-recognized Business Excellence Framework (BEF) as the benchmark criteria in the evaluation process, in search for world class business excellence.


It is also to encourage businesses to pursue continuous improvement in order to sustain long term competitiveness.


Awards for the winners will be presented at the forthcoming SBF’s Annual Dinner.



The Sarawak Chief Minister’s Industry Excellence Awards (CMIEA) is established to promote excellence and stimulates positive competition, showcasing the achievements attained by outstanding businesses in the manufacturing and service sector with the following key objectives:


  1. Recognise the most outstanding companies in the manufacturing and services industries.
  2. Recognise companies with business plans to increase value-added product or services.
  3. Recognise companies with the best practises that render them as inspiring role models to other companies.


Award Categories


Category 1 (Micro)

Domestic company with sales turnover not exceeding RM 300,000


Category 2 (Small)

Domestic company with the sales turnover of RM 300,000 to RM 3 Million


Category 3 (Medium)

Domestic company with sales turnover of RM 3 Million to RM 20 Million


Category 4 (Large)

Domestic company with the sales turnover exceeding RM 20 Million




  1. Grants
  2. CMIEA Trophy and Certificate
  3. Publicity for Winners
    • Eligible to use the CMIEA logo for publicity purpose for 3 years from the date of receiving award
    • Company details published in CMIEA Winner’s Book
    • Representing Sarawak in AKI 2018


Winner of Category

Training Grant


20, 000


15, 000


5, 000



  • Participating Form
  • Organisation profile is limited to five (5) pages
  • Four (4) hard copies of the submission
  • Business Excellence Report
  • Criteria Report
  • Four (4) copies of the past 3 years audited financial statements


Any organisation registered under the Malaysian Companies Act 1965 and sited in Sarawak is eligible to apply for this Award. The organization, however, should have contributed significantly to the Sarawak economy by way of among others, substantial economy activity, earning of foreign exchange, creation of employment, generating linkages or multipliers effects, involvement in community development project etc.


Malaysia Business Excellence Framework